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Shweta Bapat
Shweta is a fashion and textile designer who is extremely passionate about fabrics, prints and traditional techniques. With a relevant educational background, she had a deep understanding and knowledge of fabrics, dyeing and printing even before the inception of Sawenchi. However, to ensure the authenticity and quality of Sawenchi products, Shweta got in touch with several small-scale artisans and learned the traditional techniques of dyeing and printing herself. Thanks to her sheer passion and dedication, Shweta manages to juggle both roles, super mom and founder, quite effectively.
Priya Bapat
Priya is a well-known name in the Indian film industry who has ventured into the entrepreneurial world with Sawenchi. Like Shweta, she holds art and tradition very close to her heart and is very passionate about making this innovative blend of style and sustainability accessible to all. Being an extremely enthusiastic and zealous individual who absolutely loves sarees, Priya is the best person to ensure that Sawenchi brings out only the choicest and finest collections.
Shweta's knowledge clubbed with Priya's fiery passion for art has paved the way for brand creation. The siblings have an intense love for creativity, fashion and originality and feel strongly about reviving various art forms that are slowly getting diminished. Shweta and Priya are leaving no stone unturned to deliver nothing but excellence through Sawenchi! Not to forget mentioning that Sawenchi as a venture brings in itself, a satisfaction of providing a platform for the numerous artisans pan India and their celebrated work. The Super siblings Shweta and Priya have come together to ignite the fire of love for the unique and tastefully handcrafted arts in the hearts of many. More power to the sibilings and Sawenchi in their endeavor to nurture and sustain arts and cultures confined to rural India while giving them a modern twist.
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