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The Sawenchi Story

Sawenchi is an innovative brand started by two women - Shweta Bapat & Priya Bapat, to bring style and sustainability together. 

Both Shweta and Priya were always in awe of India’s rich cultural heritage and great diversity in the textile industry. They were keen on bringing this cultural legacy to the fore and giving it a unique sustainable touch. That is what gave birth to Sawenchi - a brand offering vibrant yet ethically crafted Sarees and dresses. The soul of Sawenchi lies in being modern, yet rooted; trendy, yet traditional; and classic, yet contemporary.

We don’t look at our sarees and dresses as mere products but as artistic creations that are designed ethically and with a lot of passion and determination. At Sawenchi, sustainability supersedes everything and hence, we ensure that each of our fabrics is handwoven, every dye is eco friendly and each creation is completely handcrafted. This not only guarantees 100% sustainability but also makes sure that the product you buy is absolutely unique.

At its core, Sawenchi is all about spreading happiness and joy without causing any harm to the nature. We believe that every happy moment of life needs to be celebrated. Sawenchi sarees are aimed at making these moments more magical and memorable for you and your loved ones. We aspire to spread smiles and cheer up people through the vibrant colours of our ethically handcrafted creations.

By choosing Sawenchi, you contribute in your own way to preserving India’s rich cultural inheritance while also making an amazing style statement. Moreover, by buying our specially handcrafted products, you help in supporting an excellent art form that’s inspired by Indian artisans.

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